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The Lychnus humidifier is the perfect addition to your interior.

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The Lychnus humidifier is silent while you sleep.

Child safe

Because it doesn’t produce any heat, the humidifier is safe for kids.

The perfect humidifier

Lychnus Humidifier

A design-forward humidifier that looks good in any home. Order now and and say goodbye to dry skin while welcoming the perfect addition to your interior.


  • Beauty
  • Sleep
  • Health

Makes your skin shine 

Lychnus hydrates your skin, with gives you a healthy oil balance. 

Improves your skins Texture

By reinforcing your natural moisture barrier, your skin enhances its natural texture and elasticity. 

Gives you Silky Hair

Lychnus keeps your hair healthy, strong, smooth and hydrated. 


Promotes Deep sleep

Lychnus creates a cozy and comfortable bedroom environment, setting the stage for a good nights sleep.

Prevents snoring

Lychnus helps to prevent snoring for you and your loved ones, by hydrating you nose and thought.

Relives Congestion 

Lychnus prevents your throat and nose from getting dry or stuffy. 


Skips flu season 

By making your air healthier and giving your immune system the extra support that it needs. 

Ward off allergies

Because it reduces congestion, inflammation and irritation, Lychnus can give you a relief from allergy symptoms. 

Hydrates dry skin 

By giving yourself a more humid environment your skin will thank you.